Assignment 4

December 8, 2009

This is a project about a man who works with children and horses. He lives in the Temple area and he likes to help the children in his area. He feels that if children can gain a great deal of self-confidence by being around and working with horses.


Assignment 3

November 8, 2009

This assignment is about a woman who realizes she does not like her boyfriend anymore. He still wants to be with her but she has found someone else. The woman’s new “special” someone is not what would be expected. To put it simply, “She don’t need nobody to be her man”.


Assignment 2

October 6, 2009


This is a website layout of a girl named Ema. She is the lead of a band called The Candle Lit Dinner Band. The website will promote her music by being able to listen to some of her songs in the bottom left hand corner. There are also links to her biography, pictures, lyrics, and albums which when clicked on appear in the right column of the page.


Assignment #1 (Paper Only)

October 6, 2009

The website http://www.thephillyfinalfour.com is about the four major sports teams in Philadelphia. The four teams are the Phillies for major league baseball (MLB), the 76ers for the national basketball association (NBA), the Eagles for the national football league (NFL) and the flyers for the national hockey league (NHL). On the homepage of the website, the menu bar consists of six links to go to on the webpage. The six links are a link for the homepage for when you leave the homepage it is easy to get back, the four Philadelphia sports teams and a sports blog link. The menu bar also has links for comments and posts that takes you to the archives of the website to check anything that was ever put up on the site. This is the basics for the website.

On the home page there are lots of catchy links to click on. On the top main part of the page, it displays the top, most recent news. Right next to this there are other recent news topics. It also has news topics underneath as well. Underneath of the this it has a section on what Philadelphia sports fans are saying about sports. There is not much more to the homepage. There is a box to search the website for topics at the very top right corner of the webpage. On the opposite side it has websites logo. The website is not to flashy and more about the news. It does have slide shows and a youtube video but I would imagine they change on a regular basis as the news feeds change.

There are some good and bad qualities about the website that make it enjoyable for some to use and lame for others. It is really easy to navigate around the site. Each sports team has there own link to find out news about the individual sports and the front page has the most important and recent news. The menu bar and the right column always stay the same which makes the page look less flashy but it is easy to navigate the site and the most important news is always at the websites disposal. The background of the website is completely black which I have mixed feelings about. The website is not meant to look flashy so it fits in nicely with the rest of the website but since the website has to do with sports and with modern technology the sports are shot with amazing cameras and angles, I would like there to be a little more zest to the webpage.

The website thephillyfour.com is mainly for Philadelphia sports fans. It is not online for the intension of making money but for Philadelphia sports fans to read and write about there favorite sports teams. There is no advertising on the site except for the four sports teams and that is what the site is about. The website is similar to the sports section of a Philadelphia news paper with a blog attached for people to write there opinions on the news at hand. There is really nothing on the website to show that anyone is making money off of it and I do not think it is possible for someone to make money off the website because there is no advertisements or store to buy anything from.

When browsing threw the website, there are lots of little things that catch the eye. For every topic there is a picture of the topic next to a brief description of what the article is about. If you click on the article, the picture is on the top and the article is underneath it. For every article, on the top and bottom of the article, there are three options you can choose from to be a part of the website. You can comment about the topic, you can click “Digg it!” to show that you like what the topic is talking about, or it can be added to a facebook account so it can be viewed by friends.

Overall, the website thephillyfour.com is an interesting website if you want to get news about Philadelphia sports teams. It is not showy however it does not need to be. There is nobody making money for the website to the best of my knowledge because there is no advertising or places to buy anything on the website. The website as a whole is easy to navigate through and easy to read and write opinions on any given topic. By and large the website has an easy layout and if you want news on Philadelphia sports, here is the place to get it.


Hello world!

September 8, 2009

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